Monday, December 17, 2012

Wonderful World of Mahabharatha

Most of the Indians know the story of Mahabharatha at least the storyline though not in detail. Something urged me to read the complete story of Mahabharatha and obviously i had to go with english version to read unless if i liked to read for one whole year to complete the book (Yes, I am ashamed to say that I am poor in reading in my native language).

What a wonderful experience i had through the journey of reading the book which is almost 1000 pages. I enjoyed each moment of it as I felt like entering into deep water, water that are at once soothing and stimulating to both heart and mind. A World where gods and heroes walk the earth, where virtuous kings lead the people, delivering profound lessons about every aspects of life.

When i started the book i never thought that it would be so enthralling, wondering how i missed such an experience all these days. There are lot of highlighting conversations in the book about life, soul, cause and effect of our action which applies even now in the 21st Century. At one place Akrura a sage advises Dhritarastra as"Over-attachment for one's close relatives is simply born of ignorance. Every creature in the world is born alone and dies alone. He experiences the results of his own good and evil deeds and in the end leaves the present body to accept another". And in one another place Vyasadeva says "The wise do not remember an enemy's hostility. Instead, they see only the good in them. Only the worst of men use harsh words in quarrel, while the superior men do not react when provoked". There are so many thoughtful conversations and discussions through out the book. How true are these statements and it applies for generations to come in future.

There is a separate chapter for Bhagavad Gita which briefly explains what Krishna communicates to Arjuna at Kurukshetra just when the war is about to begin. Extra Ordinary speech by the Supreme. Certainly one chapter is not enough to explain the intense speech, but the book explains it in short which is good enough to stimulate your mind.

I reckon everyone irrespective of your age to read the book 'The Mahabharata' written by Krishna Dharma. There is always an illusion or false belief in other words, where some people think only those who are dispirited in life would read the book. Stupid thought!!! Period.